New york .  LOS ANGELES .  MILAN


  • MAKING fine ART, conceptual art AND Experiential art An accessible, INCLUSIVE PUBLIC experience

  • geronimo will create a thoughtful, conceptual and site-specific creative identity for collaboration

  • promotional assets, photography and creative direction of out-going identity directed and produced by geronimo

  • Teaser + Video promotional for social MEDIA + advertising to introduce the collaboration and direct attention and excitement for collaboration

  • print campaign around city to promote collaboration

  • geronimo to advise on pr approach

  • re-introduce the concept of paid "INFLUENCER" PARTNERSHIP with a more theatrical approach : invite zach galifianakis to "go to work with geronimo", hire AMy Sedaris to answer geronimo toll free number

  • activatE AREAS AROUND THE CITY / country with "stunts" TO DRAW ATTENTION TO collab

  • use layers of immaterial: lighting, SOUNDSCAPEs + Visual projections to EvolvE the experience

  • collab with restaurant(s) / catering to curate elements:  special edition servingware by geronimo, custom aprons designed by geronimo, menu items, music, etc. 

  • public may "Exit through the gift shop" with special edition items for sale to mark collab

  • free SOUVENIRS for opening event and promotional events 

  • geronimo to host OPENING PARTY 

  • offer private tours or talks for press, arts and education 

  • document event for post-opening coverage of collab on Social media or in press 


david yurman collaboration 

GERONIMO will DESIGN A cohesive visual CAMPAIGN with specific colors, thematic icons, images and complete identity for collaboration 
visual assets can be used for city-wide wild postings,  billboards and printed promotional and be the creative guide for all elements involved in the collaboration 


sculpture feature


central to the collaboration is a site specific sculpture EXPERIENCE.
visual assets and media teasers offer hints to final design but will not reveal the final concept until opening event + celebration.
designed with visual assets and media teasers, a promotional video will help release and introduce the project,  reaching a wider audience with a potential of becoming a viral piece of art media.  it lives as content for both client and geronimo to deploy TOGETHER. 

Merchandise  + gift shop

GERonimo will design key items for gifting or purchase AT THE "museum gift shop". THOUGHTFUL, Curated items that enhance and support the themes/design of the collaboration AND ADD A LITTLE EXTRA HUMOR AND PERSONALITY.  

THE celebration 

A thoughtful MOMENT TO MARK the collaborative experience --  designed to honor and celebrate.   surprise activations and performances, KICKING-OFF THE SCULPTURE AND EXPERIENCE. POST-EVENT, SCULPTURE  can be visited for additional weeks / MONTHS / YEAR. 
Prepared by FONDAZIONE GERONIMO, twenty-nineteen