THE concept

When imagining linked islands on a peninsula, wrapped by a river, it’s impossible to ignore the overwhelming presence of water.


Water is in everything. Water takes us places. Water hydrates. Water cleanses. 80% of the human body is water - which is to say: we are water.


Water is magical in its disappearing act from the gnome-flanked bird bath of a grandparent's house and emergence in a Frozen lake outside your train window.  

Water is the dreaded and uninvited beads of sticky humidity on arms on the hottest day of the year, then shape-shifting to rain on a best friend's wedding day.


Water sustains a midnight thirst, in the carafe by a bedside. Water is the clouds, deepening the emotion of the sunset.

Water drips from brows, to the eyes when a day has been earned. 

Water, in it's many forms, but specifically Droplet is a part of every life on earth - in its abundance or scarcity, but most of all:

in it's ability to express emotion for humans 

Water’s robe, the shiny and slippery tear droplet, is geronimo's inspiration that drives the core creative for the celebration and launch of the P5k elevated walkway.


a brief Science Lesson FRom Jen

THE Sculpture

GERONIMO sculpts an orchestra of Droplets, in a series of of triad tones. droplet sculpture are in nine custom sizes for the P5k walkway.

The droplets flow beyond the walkway and are placed in strategic places within London to excite the public, create curiosity and to bring people to the origin of the droplet.


Flowing further still, GERONIMO places the droplets in satellite cities around the world and connects the world of droplets.


GERONIMO excites the world. 



15 ft (457 cm)

20 ft (610 cm)

25 ft (762 cm) 

heavy duty, cold air inflated sculptures, made of

.05 mm vinyl coated nylon, with industrial internal 220v blower. 

They each weigh approximately 10 lb (4.5 kg), without the blower. 

150 lb (68 kg) of sandbag weight and 20 lb (9 kg) blower are used to ground and stabilize each sculpture. 

Sculptures are handmade in California of 10% recycled, post-consumer waste vinyl. 



3 ft (92 cm)

5 ft (153 cm)

7 ft (213 cm) 

1o ft (305 cm) 

heavy duty,  air inflated sculptures, made of

.03 mm vinyl fabric with fused rings and aircraft wire to secure.

They each weigh approximately 5 lb (2 kg).


150 lb (68 kg) of sandbag weight are used to ground and stabilize each sculpture. 

sculptures are handmade in California of 10% recycled, post-consumer waste vinyl. 



3 ft (92 cm)

5 ft (153 cm)

7 ft (213 cm) 

1o ft (305 cm) 


heavy duty,  air inflated sculptures, made of

.03 mm vinyl fabric

They each weigh approximately 5 lb (2 kg).

75 lb (35 kg) of sandbag weight are used to ground and stabilize each sculpture. 

Sculptures are handmade in California of 10% recycled, post-consumer waste vinyl. 

The sculpture specs


5 Day installation 


Wednesday am: Installation

thursday: fine tuning, adjustments, interactive layers + Photos 

friday pm: Press + media Preview night with select performances by our artist collaborators

dancing, food + music

Saturday+ Sunday:

Open to the Public 24 Hours with spontaneous happenings staggered throughout the day with artist collaborators 

Monday Am:

educational walkthrough with art students 


Monday pm/tuesday am:


THE event 


6 weeks before the opening:


teaser sculpture droplets tour the world! 

  • involves a wider community

  • get eyes on this project 

  • teaser sculptures go out in conjunction with the media teasers and marketing plan






TOTAL BUDGET: $135,120 USD / £106,600 GBP

GERONIMO Fees: $27,400 USD

  • Artist / Design Fee - 10% of Material Expense = $8,700 

  • Studio Fee for Project Management - 10% of Material Expense = $8,700 

  • Flights + Accommodations for Team for 2 Visits (Site Visit + Installation = $10,000 USD 


Materials: $87,000 USD 

  • 60 Sculptures 3, 5, 7, 10 FT = $36,000 

  • 10 Large Sculptures 15, 20, 25 FT = $51,000 


Installation Labor + Materials: $20,720 USD

  • Tethering Cords, Aircraft Line, Crimps, Hooks + Clamps = $4,000 

  • Electrical Cords, ADA Ramps + Gaffers Tape = $2,500

  • Shipping + Material Transport = $2,500 

  • Tethering Cords, Aircraft Line, Crimps, Hooks + Clamps = $1,500 

  • 9,000 Lb (4082 Kg) of Sand Bags for Cold Air Sculptures = $2,500 

  • 6 Support 220V Replacements ($120 per piece) =  $720

  • Helium 10,000 Cubic FT =  $3,000 

  • De-Installation Labor = $4,000



Any Special insurance, Permitting, Certification + Inspection is Not Included in Fees and should be Payable by Client. 

All 24 Hour Security on Site for 5 Days is Payable by Client.


All media + Promotional is through client.

We must be paid in full to begin.











key to our project is a media and promotional budget  dedicated to the project.


What platforms can we share the project through?

how do we get london to the p5k?

These are elements to the success and viral-ability of debuting our new work: 

  • Teaser Content

  • Video Promotional 

  • Opening, VIP, Educational Events (Ticketed, Free) 

  • Outdoor City Adverts

  • Public Transport / Bus, Tube 2- Sheets

  • City Advertising Pylons, Site Concurva 

  • Digital Adverts for London, LA, NY, etc. 

  • Facebook Sponsored Media Content + Teasers 

  • Facebook Sponsored Media Sidebar Icons

  • Instagram Sponsored Media Content + Teasers 

  • Google Display -- animated banners both portrait and landscape banners 

  • First Look Buy-outs:  Ex: Hyperallergic Network - banners and static and Vice/Viceland BTS, Sponsored Advertorials

it's not cheap, but it pays off:

historic Seaport pier 17:

We hAD 30,000 RSVPS for a 3k max capacity opening 

The new york city ballet

Tickets sold out in 20 minutes. 

7,000 people lined up during museum week on the first monday of opening TO MEET JIHAN AND SEE THE WORK.

(previously 2k max for the entire week with former artists jr, dustin yellin, etc. )

MEDIA + Promo

hear it from Christopher



a word  FRom jonathan 

Water 3 - John Bowers
00:00 / 00:00
Water and Animals - John Bowers
00:00 / 00:00
Domestic Water - John Bowers
00:00 / 00:00

sponsorships + Partnerships 

COOL HUNTING - Evan orensten + Josh Rubin Partnerships + Curation 

GOOD Magazine - Casey Caplowe

Global Strategy + Outreach + location partnerships  

Phaidon Press

Augmented reality 


Performance Artists 

Marawa The Amazing 

A man to Pet 

Jonny Woo 



David Hoyle 

Oozing Gloop 

Jonbenet Blonde 

Lucy Fizz 

Briefs Factory

Millie Brown



James Jean 

Matthew Stone 

Prem Sahib 

Eddie Peake 

Racheal Maclean 

Tony Hornecker 

max siedentopf

Sound Design + Mapping

John Bowers  


Dance Groups 

Theo Adams Company 

Sadlers Wells

Matthew Bourne 



thank you! 

geronimo 2018